The Interdisciplinary Institute of Epistemological Studies

Created in 1982 by Michel Delsol (1922-2012), Professor at both UCLy and EPHE, the Interdisciplinary Institute of Epistemological Studies purpose of to defend, promote all educational activities and education, fostering interdisciplinary thinking. As part of this Institute, the "Science - History - Philosophy" collection is a means of promotion


The office of the Institute is composed of:

  • A President : Professor Jean -Marie Exbrayat, UCLy and EPHE
  • A Secretary : Dr. Michel Raquet, Assistant Professor, UCLy
  • Treasurer : Professor Olivier Perru, Université Claude Bernard Lyon1


The "Science - History - Philosophy " collection

“Science - History – Philosophy” is a collection of interdisciplinary works co-published by the philosophical Editions Vrin (Paris) and the Interdisciplinary Institute of Studies epistemological ( IIEE , Catholic University of Lyon)

This collection accepts the works of single author or collective works of university level, that meet one or more of the key ideas :

  • defend rationality rooted in the past at the same time open, scalable ,
  • Practice a genuine interdisciplinary fruitful place of essential relationships between complementary disciplines,
  • Affirm the existence of a number of permanent and living values.
  • Approaching a scientific truth by renewable and verifiable audit procedures.

A wide variety of books and different orientations can then be published in this series as long as they allow a free debate and without prejudice.

Editors of the collection: Jean -Marie Exbrayat, Olivier Perru.