The team

Director :

Jean-Marie EXBRAYAT,

Professeur, Professor at UCLy and at E.P.H.E (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes), PhD. (biology), D. Sci. (biology)
Tél : 04 72 32 50 36
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Secretary :

Caroline BOUCHOT

Technical Assistant
Tél : 04 72 32 50 32


Searchers  :   

  • Lucie ABROUK-VEROT, Assistant Professor, PhD (biology).
  • Sylvie ALLOUCHE, Assistant Professor, PhD (philosophy).
  • Vanessa ARFI, PhD (Biology), engineer (biotechnology).
  • Claire BRUN, Assistant Professor, PhD (biology).
  • Christine CHEVALIER, Assistant Professor, PhD (biology).
  • Rozeen DELIGNY-LLOP, Lecturer, Master (geography).
  • Béatrice de MONTERA, Assistant Professor, PhD (biology), DEA (philosophy).
  • Olivier L. GEORGEON, Assistant professor, PhD (cognitive sciences), computer engineer.   
  • Emmanuelle GORMALLY, Professor, Dean of Faculty of sciences, PhD (biology), HDR..
  • Mathieu GUILLERMIN, Assistant professor, PhD (physics), PhD (philosophy).
  • Philip LAWRENCE, Assistant Professor, PhD (biology).
  • Thierry MAGNIN, Professor, Rector of UCLy, PhD. (theology), D. Sci. (physics), ECAM engineer.
  • Elara MOUDILOU, Assistant Professor, PhD. (biology).
  • Michel RAQUET, Assistant Professor, PhD. (biology), agrégation (life sciences).